Starfighter Decals 72-150: SBC-4 Helldivers Part 3


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Scott Van Aken


For Heller 1/72 kit

The next interwar decal sheet from Starfighter Decals is for the SBC-4 Helldiver. This is designed for the Heller kit. I'm quite pleased to see Starfighter producing decals for these older kits.

There are four options on this sheet.

First is a proper 'yellow wings' plane with VS-2 aboard the USS Lexington in 1939. The builder will need to paint the tail lemon yellow and the engine cowling red.

Next is an overall light grey plane from the 1941 Carolina War Games. This plane was with VB-8 aboard the USS Hornet.

In the later blue-grey over light grey scheme is a plane from HQ First Marine Air Wing in 1942.

Finally, another yellow wings plane from NRAB Anacostia in 1940. This one has a true blue tail section and red cowling.

These are standard water slide decals and you now have a reason to pull that old Heller kit from the collection.

November 2016

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