Dutch Decal DD48044: Grumman Tracker, Airspeed Oxford

Units: Dutch Navy


12.95 including shipping in Europe


Scott Van Aken

It seems that many of the countries that operated aircraft carriers in the 1960s used the Grumman Tracker. Some used planes from US stocks while others flew the Canadian built versions. Some flew them both and one was the Dutch Navy. Operating from Hr.Ms. Karel Doorman, replacing the previous Avengers, the Tracker continued to be used well after the carrier was retired. As there was no longer a need for carrier ASW the aircraft were flown from land bases, mostly in the utility role. The aircraft was also flown in operations from Curacao in the Dutch Antillies. The Oxford was used immediately post war as a general transport.

This sheet from Dutch Decal is designed for the Kinetic Tracker (also boxed by Italeri) and the Special Hobby Oxford. There are a single set of markings for the Oxford, which is in overall Extra Dark Sea Grey. A couple of nice photos are provided for this scheme. The rest of this twin sheet are for the Tracker. While there are 8 schemes shown for the aircraft, the reality is that if you have a photo of a Dutch Tracker (such as what comes with the new Dutch Decal book on the subject), then you can pretty well duplicate that aircraft as the sheet provides all the various serial numbers. These planes had little in the way of unit markings aside from perhaps a unit badge. There are enough insignia and other unique markings to do one Tracker and one Oxford.

In all it is an excellent sheet that is superbly printed. The instruction sheet is large and quite detailed with not only a markings guide, but a photo or two to help out. This one is sure to sell out rather quickly so get yours as soon as you can.

Thanks to www.dutchdecal.nl  for the review sheet. You can get yours at your favorite shop. This is Dutch Decal's 25th Anniversary so congratulations to Luuk and his gang for providing interesting markings for the last quarter century.

April 2012

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