Aeromaster 48-697: Seafires-Griffon Powered pt1

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Scott Van Aken

Late mark Seafires have never been well represented by decal makers. Thanks to AeroMaster, that has been alleviated with this first of two new sheets. Designed for the Hobbycraft kit or the Aeroclub conversion (that requires the HC wings), there are four aircraft on this sheet. There are insignia for all and data markings for one.

First is Mk XV in Extra Dark Sea Grey (EDSG) over Sky aircraft from 806 Sq in Sept 1946. It carries SEAC roundels and a blue nose. The white spinner stripes are on the decal sheet.

Next is an 803 Sq, Royal Canadian Navy Mk XV in EDSG/Dark Slate Grey over sky finish from May 1947. Note the larger rudder and use of the 'trapeze' hook vice the tail stinger used on others. Red and white spinner.

From 741 Squadron comes this Mk 17 from the 1947 time frame. Standard finish of EDGG/Slate Grey over Sky with large yellow bits on the wings, tail planes and spinner. The Mk 17 had a bubble canopy.

Finally, a Mk 17 from 767 Sq in EDSG over Sky. This 1950 scheme has a white tail section to add some color along with a red spinner.

Now that you have a good sheet, it is time to dig out that Seafire and get with it!

March 2005

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