Eagle Strike  48-105; Sea Fury pt 1

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Scott Van Aken

Moving on to an aircraft that has not had a ton of sheets done for it, the Hobbycraft/Ace/Academy(?) Sea Fury. I can recall how excited I was when this was finally released by Hobbycraft. Though it is an early release, it is still very nice and with the usual aftermarket additions, can be made into a real stunner.

This sheet has three aircraft on it and you can build two of them (assuming one is the Canadian plane) with the markings on the sheet.

First in an 870 Squadron bird from the Canadian Navy in Canadian colors of dark grey and light grey. There is still lots of debate on whether the Canadian planes initially were in RN colors or not.

Next is an 805 Squadron plane from the Australian Navy. This one is in the RN colors of Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky.

Finally, from 1831 Squadron is a Royal Navy Reserve Sea Fury. This one has some additional color in the red and yellow bands applied for Operation Mariner.

As usual, I've cropped some of the common markings from the  bottom of the sheet.

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