CuttingYellowhammer 32016; SBD-1




VMB-1 and VMB-2


Scott Van Aken



This particular Yellowhammer sheet is for the Trumpeter kit. All aircraft are of the 'Yellow Wing' variety with chrome yellow upper wings and the rest of the aircraft in unpainted metal. All have the early tri-color rudder stripes.

Four options are provided on this sheet; two from VMB-1 and two from VMB-2

First is a VMB-2 aircraft with a red cowling, red fuselage stripe and red upper wing stripes.

Next, a VMB-1 plane with these stripes in blue.

Green stripes are on the third option from VMB-2.

Finally, white is the main color of this VMB-1 aircraft.

The sheet includes a set of Black Magic masks (not shown) that are almost the size of the decal sheet and a bit that you get with this one. These masks are for the wing and fuselage stripes as well as one for the rudder should you decide to paint that part and not use the supplied decal. There are insignia for one of the four options. Instructions provide additional information on the subjects and how to properly use the masks. An additional sheet with data markings, tail hook stripes and prop tips is included. Another excellent set from Yellowhammer

April 2007

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