Aeromaster 48-746: Sopwith Triplanes at War pt 2

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Scott Van Aken


The second triplane sheet also includes four options for the Eduard Sopwith Triplane kit. Again the main camo is PC 10 Khaki with clear doped linen undersides. On some the cowling is unpainted metal and on others it isn't.

First up is 'BLYMP' of the 8 NAS during June 1917. It has a white fin and wheels with a red fuselage band.

Nesxt, from 9 NAS in June 1918 comes this aircraft with two bands on the fuselage and white wheels. It has a black cowling, though some thing it is unpainted metal.

'Binky' is another 8 NAS plane with a clear doped linen fin. In case you haven't figured it out by now, the 8 NAS gave names to all its aircraft!

Finally, from 10 NAS comes white P. It has blue on the cowling, fin and wheels. I should mention that both sheets provide optional stitching decals if you want to use them.

Insignia and common data markings for all aircraft.

October 2005

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