Xtradecal X72077: Sea Vixen


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Probably all of them

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Scott Van Aken



First off, let me weasel out of scanning four pages of instructions to show you the various options. Leave it to say that basically every squadron that has operated the type is included on the sheet. Here is a link to Hannants so you can see the markings options. It also provides an opportunity to order one!

This sheet is designed for the new Xtrakit Sea Vixen, but I'm sure that many of the markings will also be useful on the older Frog kit or its various reboxings by Novo and Revell AG. For those not totally familiar with the Sea Vixen, it was replaced by the Phantom in its role of fleet air defense.

There are a variety of different markings for the various units that operated the plane (which to be complete includes 766, 890, 892, 893, 899 squadrons and RNAY Belfast). There are markings on the sheet for both FAW.1 and FAW.2 aircraft, the main difference being the boom mounted fuel tanks and the weapons that were carried. Some of the common data markings will have to come from the kit sheet.

In all, this is a superlative sheet and if you don't want to use the kit markings for your Sea Vixen, then you really should grab this one as it is selling very well. There are enough insignia and other markings for at least two aircraft from what is on the sheet.

Review copy courtesy of www.hannants.co.uk where you can get your sheet and thousands of other kits and accessories.

LATE NOTE: Hannants is currently (10 July 2008) sold out, but is having another run made so please be patient.

July 2008

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