Aeromaster 48-698: Seafires-Griffon Powered pt2

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Scott Van Aken

This is the second Seafire sheet for the Griffon powered aircraft. Your only real kit choice is the Hobbycraft Mk. XV and you can also use an Aeroclub conversion set, which requires the Hobbycraft or Airfix Seafire wing. Enough insignia for all and enough data markings for one.

First up is a Seafire XV from 803 Sq in late 1945. This plane is in Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey over Sky.

Next is a 802 Sq Seafire XV from  the Sept 1946 time frame. It is in the same colors as the previous aircraft and carries SEAC roundels with a blue spinner.

An 833 SQ RCN Seafire XV is next, it is the Canadian colors of EDSG uppers and Sky Grey undersides. It carries a yellow nose and an enlarged rudder trim tab.

Finally, a Seafire 17 from 1832 Sq RNVR from 1950. It is in EDSG upper and Sky undersides with a yellow spinner.

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