Leading Edge 72-100:Canadian Air Force SE.5A

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Scott Van Aken

Note: Also available in 1/48 scale

After WWI, it was only reasonable that the Canadian Air Force would want to equip with current aircraft and one of those current types was the Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5a. The SE.5a was cutting edge in 1918 and there were Canadian pilots who flew it during the war so it appeared to be logical addition. This was especially true as the British gave a dozen of them to Canada for its service in the war.

These were all delivered in the standard scheme of the time and went through a number of markings changes during their time in service. Indeed, a few were converted to two seat trainers.

This sheet contains markings for five aircraft and it appears that you can do four of them with what comes in the set. Couple of notes. You are provided fuselage registrations without the white backgrounds in case you'd rather paint the white rectangles. Secondly, the rudder markings have no white in them so you need to paint the rudders white prior to application. This also applies to the upper surfaces of the wing and elevators in some instances.

The decals themselves are superbly printed as we have come to expect from Leading Edge. There is no specific kit mentioned in the instructions, however, there have been several kits of this aircraft produced in 1/72 scale. I did a web search and found several so locating one should not be an issue.

It is another great set from Leading Edge and is bound to sell out quickly.

November 2020

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support. If you cannot find these at your local hobby shop, you can get them at this link.

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