Aeromaster 72-127: Su22 Fitters pt 2

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Scott Van Aken


The Su-22 Fitter is a swing-wing development of the Su-7. Along with the new wing, avionics and engines were upgraded to provide a more modern aircraft. Like the previous Su-7, the Su-22 is a thirsty beast with somewhat limited range, especially when carrying a large offensive load. It is also primarily a mud-mover and not suited for air to air combat.  Many are still in use in various countries around the world.

This particular sheet covers the Fitters of five nations. They all carry interesting camouflage schemes of various shades of greens, browns and tans. There was and is no real pattern to these schemes and they varied from aircraft to aircraft. Some of the Warsaw Pact aircraft were painted in a 5 color camouflage, so if you like painting camo, then one of these will be right up you alley. The instruction sheet gives FS numbers for the various colors which is a big help and many of the paint companies provide specific Russian paint colors for these planes.

Rather than go into a semi-lengthy discussion on the camouflage schemes, I'll let the images take care of that. Because there is little actual unit information, all I will do is to list the countries that are covered.

The first aircraft is from the Ukraine, followed by AC #1 from Iraq, #2 from Afghanistan, #3 from Libya, and #4 from Hungary.

For kits on the Su-22, I think that in 1/72 you are pretty well stuck with having to go the Italeri route. That is not a bad thing for what I understand about the kit, it is quite well done.

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