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Sky Models 48-018 for SM.79 Sparviero




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Scott Van Aken



For some unusual reason, Italian WW2 aircraft just don't have the huge following that German ones do. And it is a pity as there are a number of very interesting aircraft flown by the Regia Aeronautica during that time. Maybe it is the camouflage schemes that scare people off, but for many, that is the attraction. 

From Sky Models comes a really fine sheet for the SM.79 three-engined bomber. The only problem is that currently there is only one kit that it will fit and that is the rather old SMER 1/50 version. All is not lost, however as Vintage Models will soon be releasing a full resin kit of this important Italian bomber in 1/48. It will be perfect for this sheet.

So let's take a close look at the sheet and see what is there.  The first thing you will notice is that it is glossy. Next you will see that it is in perfect registration and the detailing is crisp and clear. Even the smallest lettering can be easily read. You will also see that there is almost no carrier film around the individual decals. This whole sheet is really first class!

As for the subjects, you have a choice of 16 different aircraft, complete with all the needed codes, personal markings and unit badges. There are only enough insignia to do one aircraft, but that really isn't much of a problem as I doubt that many of us will ever build more than one 1/48 SM.79. If so, then kit decals can be used instead.

The instruction sheet is a simple affair in shades of grey. There are profiles of each of the aircraft along with the units they belong to. Each of the color callouts is in the proper nomenclature and an FS number is also given. Printed on the back of the sheet is a color equivalence chart showing  the appropriate Humbrol, Molak, Tamiya and Gunze paint. There are no Testors or Aeromaster callouts as this sheet is obviously, mostly intended for the home market. Purists will bemoan the lack of any overhead camouflage drawings, but frankly, with the majority of them either solid color or or overall mottling, one isn't necessary. If you really need that info, there are a number of books available to help you out.

Overall, a really superb sheet that is also available in 1/72, though with fewer units, but more national insignia. I look forward to the upcoming 1/48 kit so that I can use it!!

Review copy courtesy of  the fine folks at Pacific Coast Models Inc.

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