Superscale 48-016: Avengers and Helldivers

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Scott Van Aken

Here is yet another very early Microscale sheet. This one covers some SB2C and TBM aircraft. The recommended kits for these are both by Monogram, but if doing these today, the ProModeler kit would be the choice for the SB2C (though it would need some modification) and the Accurate Miniatures TBM would be the one used.

First is an SB2C-5 from NAS Willow Grove after the war. It is overall glossy sea blue with an orange band around the fuselage.

Next is another SB2C-5 from the French Aeronavale's Flotille 3F. It is also overall glossy sea blue. National insignia will have to come from a different source for this one and all the US planes on this sheet. The rudder will also have to be painted red, white and blue. The sheet includes the anchors and yellow surround for the insignia.

The first TBM is this TBM-1C from VT-28 aboard the USS Monterey. It is in late war colors of overall glossy sea blue and sports a small nose art and mission markings just below the windscreen.

From the Uruguayan Navy comes this TBM-1C painted in an overall dark green color that was peculiar to the Avengers of this force.

Finally, a very colorful utility aircraft from VU-7 at NAS Barbers Point. This TBM-3U needs to have the turret removed and the area faired over. It has a glossy seaplane grey (engine grey) fuselage with glossy yellow wings and tail. The rudder and wing bands are glossy red.

Review copy courtesy of me.

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