Superscale 48-842: SBD-3 Dauntless

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Scott Van Aken

Though it has been a long time since there has been a Dauntless sheet produced, this one is most welcome and covers a couple of nice planes. Both are in the blue-grey over light grey scheme.

First is from VS-41 during Operation Torch, the invasion of North Africa and carries the yellow surround insignia on the fuselage and lower wings as required. It also has the 41-S-17 code that was soon abandon in later units flying this plane.

From the Pacific theater is this Dauntless from VB-10 aboard the USS Enterprise with the later style of markings. While the sheet states that this is from June 1942, that is clearly impossible as these insignia were not required until September of 1943 So June 1944 seems more likely. Typical of most USN planes of the time, it is devoid of any personal or unit markings.

Superscale provides insignia, wing walk, and tailhook markings for both planes as well ad enough data markings for both. Nearly all will go for the Accurate Miniatures SBDs and though not mentioned, I'd be willing to bet that both had twin 50s in the rear cockpit instead of the single gun.

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