Caracal Models CD 48089: Su-30MK/MMK Part 2

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Scott Van Aken

One of the more impressive Russian aircraft of the last decade or so has been the Su-27/30/33 family of aircraft. The SU-30 has been particularly well received by foreign air forces who have no issues purchasing Russian equipment.

On this sheet you will find six different camouflage schemes from three different nations. According to the blurb on the web site, this set was designed for a resin upgrade set but should fit the Academy kit without any major issues.

First up is a Russian plane with the manufacturer. This demonstrator has been painted in a number of different schemes, and this is one of the more striking.

There are then four different Chinese aircraft. One in a 'naval' scheme with the dark upper surface, one in standard air superiority scheme and then two others in quite different aggressor schemes.

The final option in greens and browns is a plane with the Ugandan Air Force.

Due to the complexity of the camouflage schemes, most of the diagrams for these options are on line with only a pair of profiles used mostly for stencil placement included in the paper guide. Caracal provides information on getting the .pdf file for all these schemes.

For those wanting a nice selection for what is really a quite big aircraft, then these Cartograf printed decals are for you.

September 2015

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