Aeromaster 48-198: Siemens-Schuckert Collection

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Scott Van Aken

The Siemens-Schuckert D.II was a late war fighter that displayed excellent speed and maneuverability. However, it simply was not available in any realistic numbers. It also suffered somewhat from overheating so later planes had openings cut in the lower cowling to help that situation.

This sheet has four options.

First is a white and blue plane from Jasta 12 in the late summer of 1918. This one has a small cowling cut-out.

Next is a plane interred by the Swiss. It is overall black with grey struts from 1919.

A Jasta 15 plane from May of 1918 has the blue and red fuselage. Most of these planes had lozenge wings and stabs.

The last scheme is from Kest 4b in September 1918. It has a black engine cowling, a white rudder, and white and black fuselage band. The rest of the fuselage is in dark varnished plywood. This set includes a sheet of this plywood so you don't have to wonder how you are going to paint all that wood.

To my knowledge, the only 1/48 kit of this plane is a very early Eduard offering. In fact, I think it was their first but later redone.

May 2018

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