Yellow Wings 72-004: SB2U-1 Vindicators

Units: VB-2 and VB-3




Scott Van Aken

The sheet includes markings for the section leaders of VB-2 aboard the USS Lexington, and VB-3 from the USS Saratoga. As with all Yellow Wings sheets, the instructions are quite extensive and contain full information on every Vindicator built and delivered, including the serial and coding for each serial. The sheet also contains wing stripes and fuselage bands along with unit markings. To have room for all the options, you'll have to glean insignia from the kit or use sheet 72-001.

In addition, you get extra code numbers and letters for doing non-section leader aircraft and an additional small decal sheet with more code material and the additional serial numbers of the other squadron aircraft. Frankly, this is the most comprehensive sheet I've seen on the subject. If you are concerned about what kits to use, there is the MPM/Special Hobby kit and the older Pegasus and Meicraft kits for those willing to do a bit more work. This sheet is sure to do as well as the previous TBD sheets so get it while the getting is good.

April 2006

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