OLUJ 14/20 1/48 Super Cub




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Scott Van Aken



It is always nice to see new decals on the market and these have been sent by OLUJ of Serbia. They cover a most unusual subject; 1/48 Piper Super Cubs. The sheet  is 'laser printed' as it has a single carrier over all the markings. It appears to be very well done and I don't see any of the usual 'mottling' of the lighter colors as one often sees on home printed decals. There is a sheet of white for those with light backgrounds as color printers don't do a very good job on the lighter shades, making them rather transparent. This white sheet (not shown) has the overall outline pre-cut so one just needs to apply the white then carefully put the cut out color decal over them.

The two subjects are both camouflaged. I should point out that I've brightened the image of the placement guide considerably so you can see the lower camo scheme as it is quite dark.

First is a Swedish aircraft in a disruptive scheme of Olive Green, Dark Brown and Medium Green that was painted on for an exercise in the mid 1950s. Note that this aircraft has no prop spinner

The other is a Slovenian Super Cub from 1994/95 in Dark Brown and Olive Green over Light Blue-Grey. Note that the fuselage code is angled as to how the plane sits on the ground.

Both are very interesting schemes and sure to add something to your model collection. The only kit of this is the one currently produced by Minicraft, though it has been released by Bandai and others in the past. Your editor built one many years ago as a Belgian sailplane tug and found it to be a fun, though sometimes frustrating, build.

The small instruction sheet is in full color and provides all the information you need to complete either one or both of these unusual schemes.

Review copy courtesy of OLUJ D-Cals. For more information on these please e-mail Tobruk@eunet.yu

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