Superscale 72-855: SBD-3/5 Dauntless

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Scott Van Aken

Three very nice schemes on this second new SBD sheet. The sheet states that the markings are scaled to the Hasegawa and Testors kit. There is also an Airfix kit out there that could be used. These markings have to be downscaled from a 1/48 sheet as the copyright date on it is 2001.... Thankfully, there is room on the sheet for all the goodies you need to complete all three options.

First up is the sheet's lone SBD-5 that is painted in the 'Atlantic' scheme of Dark Gull Grey over White. This plane was based in the Virgin Islands with VMS-3 in 1944.

Next is an aircraft from VS-71 aboard the USS Wasp in 1942 during the Solomons campaign. It wasn't unusual for the Dauntless to be called upon to defend the ship as a fighter and this one has three kills.

Finally, a pre-Midway aircraft from the USS Enterprise. This is the CAG's bird and had the huge insignia with the red and white striped rudder. Like the previous aircraft, it is in Blue-Grey uppers with Light Grey lower surfaces.

Three great schemes for a fine aircraft. Superscale also provides wing walk areas and tail hook stripes as decals, a nice touch.


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