Pheon Decals 1/32 Sopwith Triplane

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Tom Cleaver


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Pheon Decals is quickly establishing themselves as the premiere maker of decals for World War I aircraft.  This sheet is similar to their 1/48 sheet, and provides markings for no fewer than 25 different aircraft, including all the well-known Tripehound aces.

The four-sheet full-color markings guide provides all the markings location information needed with three pages of profiles and one of upper and lower views.  The decal sheet was originally misprinted with two rudder stripe decals for the left side only.  There is a separate correction decal that provides the needed right-side marking.  There is also a separate small sheet of national markings included to allow the modeler to make more than one model of these great airplanes.

Pheon Decals are so well made that one seldom needs to apply decal solvent to them.  Colors are excellent.  They are “pricey” but the value one gets is well worth every penny.

Tom Cleaver


Thanks to Pheon Decals for the review sheet.

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