Kora DEC 7276 Siebel Si-104A

PRICE: $8.99
KIT: KP/KoPro 1/48 Si-204D/Aero C-103
REVIEWER: Robert Myers
UNITS: Unknown NJG unit


This sheet comes from Kora Models, in the CZ Republic and contains one set of WWII Luftwaffe markings for the Siebel Si 204A. They are made to fit the 1/72 Kp/Kopro kit.  The instructions warns that these decals are "produced by a non-standard technology." The whole decal sheet is coated, so each decal must be cut out before dipping it into water.  A soft brush is recommended for placement and an acrylic clear should be used to seal the decal.

Editors addition: The markings are for an unlisted NJG unit, perhaps NJG 11 based at what is listed as Prien in May 1945. The aircraft is the standard RLM 70/71/65 color scheme with side mottles in RLM 74/75. As I am unaware of any kit of the Si-204A, the modeler will have to find a way to do the conversion to the extant D model kits. I'm assuming Kora does one.

Robert mentioned the decals are 'non-standard' which means they are probably ALPS printed. As such, they are easily damaged by handling and one should clear coat the sheet as soon as possible.

Robert Myers

October 2013

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