Aeromaster 48-576 Italian/French Spad Aces

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Tom Cleaver


    Originally released a few years ago for use with the Blue Max kit of the SPAD VII, Aeromaster has re-released this excellent sheet to coincide with the release of the new Special Hobby SPAD VII kit. 

     The sheet provides markings for five French Spads and three Italian airplanes, all flown by aces.

      The French aces whose airplanes are done here include Corporal Jacques Raphael Roques, Sergeant Jacques Gerard, Sous-Lieutenant Omar Demeuldre, and Adjutant Andre Martenot de Cordoux. The fifth French Spad is that flown by Lt. Thomas G. Cassady of the U.S. Air Service on detached duty with SPA 163 in the Spring of 1918, with which he scored 4 of his eventual 9 victories.

      The Italian aces whose aircraft are depicted on the sheet include Francesco Baracca - the Italian Ace of Aces, Di Calabria (whose airplane is also on the kit decal sheet of the Special Hobby Spad VII), and Sergente Maggiore Ernesto Cabruna.

      The colors of the markings are correct, and one can make a total of three of these eight airplanes with what is provided.

      This is highly recommended if you are going to build the Special Hobby kit. 

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