Yellow Wings 48-013: SBD-1/2 Dauntless

Units: VMB-1, VMB-2, VB-2, & VS-2




Scott Van Aken


This particular sheet is for SBD-1/2 Dauntlesses in the prewar colors. The set includes Fuselage bands and Wing chevrons in all six section colors. There are also unit markings for the four squadrons on the sheet. Tail stripes for the USMC versions are included as are prop warning stripes in red/yellow/blue. As an added bonus, wing walk areas are given. Some LSO stripes are also included.

The instructions are quite comprehensive, providing not only stats on each aircraft, but also specific directions on markings placement as well as recommended kits.

You may notice that there are no insignia. Those can be obtained from one of Yellow Wings' various insignia sheets.

All in all a great sheet and one that saves from having to do a lot of painting and masking!

October 2005

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples.

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