Superscale 72-110: RF-101C and SR-71

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$Long out of production


Scott Van Aken

A rather unusual mix of aircraft on this sheet, but they are both recce birds so that must be the tie-in. Kits on these planes are not difficult to find, with Hasegawa doing the RF-101C and several companies doing an SR-71 in 1/72.

Starting with the RF-101Cs, there are three aircraft from 45 TRS/460 TRW in the SEA camo scheme and AH tail code. They each have small white nose art and one of them has slime lights.

The fourth RF-101C is in overall natural metal and is from the 363rd TRW.

The three SR-71s are all from the 9 SRW at Beale AFB. You get three names planes on this sheet; Ichi Ban, Flower, and Rapid Rabbit.

A set of the unusual white insignia and USAF markings is provided for the SR-71s. For the Voodoos you'll have to use kit decals or another sheet for the insignia.

Old as this sheet is, it isn't impossible to find as I located this one at a swap meet.

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