Aeromaster 48-013: Foreign Sea Furies

Units: Various




Scott Van Aken

More interesting foreign schemes in this early Aeromster sheet. By now Aeromaster had seen the benefit of color instructions, so at least one side of the sheet is in full color. Note that the silver is actually paint as I don't think any Sea Furies were actually in unpainted metal.

A Cuban plane with silver paint (probably high speed silver) and a yellow nose/spinner is firest.

Next, a Dutch Navy plane in extra dark sea grey over a light grey is next.

A Baghdad Fury in dark earth, middlestone and azure blue is third. This plane never had naval equipment installed so one will have to sand off the hook attachment area.

Fourth is another high speed silver plane from Burma.

At the time, the Hobbycraft kit was pretty much it if you didn't want to do a Falcon vacuform kit. Now you have one from HobbyBoss(?) among others to choose from.  An addendum sheet is included with this as the original sheet had the blues painted in too light a shade.

August 2017

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