Cutting Edge 48-011: Su-27 Flanker




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Scott Van Aken

It seems that in the past, when decal companies got started they did greyscale covers and markings instructions. Cutting Edge was no different and this sheet for the Su-27 is like that. The sheet provides markings for eight aircraft. The vast majority of them are in what we now call the Flanker scheme of blues and greys. The recommended kit for this sheet is the Minicraft kit, but I know that by now there are many others from which to choose.

The vast majority of options are Russian, which differ only in the aircraft number and a unit badge, though one of them is a plane of a training regiment and sports a large sharkmouth on the intakes. Another is a display plane from the Test Pilots Aerobatic Team. This option will require some masking to do properly.

In addition, there is a Chinese option in their rather easy to paint grey over light blue.

To round out things is a plane from the Ukraine Air Force, painted the same as most of the Russian options.

The decal sheet is nicely printed and you are provided insignia for one Russian, the Ukrainian, and the Chinese option. The last two have separate yellow backgrounds. In all a nice sheet for those who have the space for what is a very large aircraft.

September 2018

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