FCM 48045: S-2 Tracker Part 3

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Scott Van Aken


It is always a delight to review FCM decals as they pick what I think are some excellent subjects. This is their third Tracker sheet and provides markings for another pair of South American countries. Of course, this is all designed for the Kinetic kit.

The first country that is covered is Argentina, a long time operator of the type. The first of the schemes is the initial delivery scheme of Light Gull Grey over White. These planes have broad blue/white/blue striped on the rudder and the upper and lower elevators. These markings will require painting.

The second option is from 1987 and shows the later camouflage scheme of FS 26176 Slate Grey over 26307 Light Grey. Note that this has the big rudder stripes and elevator stripes as well.

The third option is from the Falklands War of 1982. In this case, the aircraft were quickly repainted in FS 36152 Dark Grey, leaving the undersurfaces as they were from the initial camo scheme. There is no blue/white/blue on the rudder or upper elevators. All of the Argentine options carried the naval anchor markings on the upper and lower wings.

The fourth option and the second country is Peru. These planes flew their life with the Light Gull Grey over White scheme and the one shown is from 1982. The rudder stripes on this one need to be painted on.

The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale. It looks as if there are enough stencils for at least one plane and other markings for two Argentine and the Peruvian aircraft. The sheet comes with full color painting and markings instructions as well as a complete data placement guide.

August 2012

Thanks to FCM for providing the review decals.

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