Yellow Wings Decals 48-082: USN N2S-3
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Scott Van Aken

Here is another nice sheet from Yellow Wings Decals and in this case it is a pair of N2S-3 aircraft from the 1941 to 1942 time frame. Fortunately, we have a great kit for this sheet in the form of the new Revell kit, though one could also use the Lindberg version. The instructions sheet does not provide a preference, so I have to assume that both kits are the same size.

The first option is from NAS Corpus Christi in May of 1942. This one has nice red fuselage and wing stripes. Though the airframe is overall orange/yellow, noet that the wheel hubs and lower fuselage are unpainted metal.

The second option is from NRAB Dallas in October 1942 and sports green fuselage and wing bands. These wing bands were on the upper surface of the upper wing and lower surface of the lower wing. The instructions suggest adding a drop or two of red to commercially available orange-yellow paints.

The decals are superbly printed by Microscale and include tne lower wing walk areas as well as prop stripes. Full placement and painting instructions are also provided.

December 2014

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review sample. You can get them direct from this link.

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