Mike Grant Decals 72-049: Canadian Sea Fury

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Scott Van Aken

This second new sheet is in 1/72, but is also available in 1/48. One of my favorite aircraft and one that has seen many Frog kits built. This particular sheet has seven options and includes a full stencil suite for three. A large data placement guide is provide to properly place these stencils.

First option is from 803 Squadron. Like all the schemes, it has an Extra Dark Sea Grey upper surface, though this one has a low demarcation line compared to the others. Underside is either RN Sky or Canadian Sky Light Grey. FAA type roundels with a black maple leaf in the center.

Next is a 883 Sq aircraft with the standard markings of the day, but with the underside in what appears to be RN Sky. As in the norm with this scheme, no lower wing roundels.

The third option is from 870 Sq and has a large yellow 'NAVY' on the fuselage side. Probably for an airshow as it was not standard. Spinner tip is dark blue.

Fourth aircraft is from the Winter Experimental Unit, hence the red wing tips and horizontal stabs.

#5 is from  871 squadron and sports a white spinner. This aircraft has a couple of marking errors created by a painter who was obviously not paying attention. The underwing markings are reversed and the maple leaf in the insignia are too large, touching the blue surround.

An 870 squadron plane with a red spinner and white star is next. These markings along with the red lightning bolt on the tanks show this as being one of the unit's ad hoc demonstration team.

One aircraft not shown is from 870 squadron and is standard in all respects with a blue tipped spinner.

Finding a kit should not be a problem as there are many nice injected and resin kits out there from which to choose. I'm sure that most will pick the new Trumpeter version.

Mike Grant Decals can be purchased via his web site at the link below. Shipping is free in North America.

February 2008

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