Caracal Models CD 48063: Stearman PT-17/N2S

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to the relatively recent release of the Revell 1/48 N2S kit, we have some alternate schemes for this one. Caracal Models has provided a very nice sheet with five different options on it. All of them are rather colorful options if you like yellow.

First is an N2S-2 From NAS Corpus Chrisi in 1943. This aircraft has large red bands on the fuselage as well as the upper and lower wings. The lower landing gear legs are bare aluminum. A blue rudder makes for a very colorful aircraft and probably one that most will choose. Please note that the N2S-2 used a Lycoming R-680 engine and that is different from what the kit provides, if memory serves. If you google 'N2S', you will find a large color period photo of this plane.

Next is an N2S-3 which uses the Continental R-670 that is in the ki. This one is from an unknown unit in 1942 and is overall yellow.

Third is another Lycoming powered plane, a PT-13 from 1940. This one is decked out with a blue fuselage and carries pre-war insignia that includes the red and white rudder stripes.

In the same scheme is a PT-17 from 1942 as supplied to the Chinese Air Force. It, like the next option use the Continental engine.

Finally an overall yellow PT-27 as operated by the RCAF in 1942.

The decal sheet is superbly printed by Microscale and includes stencils and lower wing walk areas for one aircraft. The US insignia centers are separate for the pre-war plane. A full color instruction sheet is included. While the set is designed for the Revell kit, those with the Lindberg version should have no issues with most of the markings on this sheet.

You can get this sheet direct from  As Caracal sheets tend to sell out rather quickly, I suggest picking one up soon.

October 2014

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