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Natural Born Modelers JD-34: Kawasaki T-4 - 3 WG 50th Anniversary

Leading Edge 72.21: Harvard Mk.4 Goldilocks Team

Tigerhead Decals 72015: Texans of Hot Climate

APC Decals 48126: Texan

Caracal Models CD 48081: T-6 Texan II

Caracal Models CD 48098: USAF T-6G Texan

Caracal Models CD 48099: US Navy SNJ Texan

 Eagle Strike 48-130 for Korean War T-6 Texans

Eagle Strike 48131: Texans over Korea

Leading Edge 48.18: Harvard Mk.4 Goldilocks Team

Caracal Models CD 32014: USAF T-6G Texan

Caracal Models CD 32020: US Navy SNJ Texan

FCM 32018: T-6/SNJ Texan

LF Models C7287 Latin American Vibrators pt IV 

Starfighter Decals 72-158: PT-13/17 & N2S-3/5 Kaydet

Iliad Design 48030: Stearman PT-17

Starfighter Decals 4811: PT-17 Kaydet

Superscale 72-322: T-28 Trojan

Aeromaster 48-613 for the T-28 Trojan

Aeromaster 48-614 for T-28 Trojans pt II

AOA Decals 48-007: Trainers No More - Trojans at War

Superscale 48-1262: T-28B Trojan

Superscale 48-1263: T-28B Trojan

Caracal Models CD 32019: T-28B/D Trojan

AOA Decals 32-015: Trainers No More - Trojans at War

Caracal Models CD 72018: ANG T-33A

FCM 7232: F-80s and T-33s

Iliad Designs 72012: Naval T-birds

Leading Edge 72.05 for 1992 T-33 'Silver Shark'

Leading Edge 72.19: 1/72 CT-133, Grey Scheme

Leading Edge 72.84: CT-133 - CF-18 Scheme

Leading Edge Decals 72.86: RCAF 401 & 438 Squadrons (T-33)

LF Models C72176: T-33 Shooting Star over Libya

Microscale/Superscale 72-133 for the T-33 Shooting Star

Superscale 72-603 for the T-33 Shooting Star 

Tigerhead Decals 72017: Shooting Stars around the world

Aeromaster 48-266 for Korean War T-33s

Aeromaster 48-267 for Korean War T-33s

Aztec Decal's 48-002 for the T-33 Shooting Star.

Caracal Models CD 48016: ANG T-33A part 1.

Caracal Models CD 48018: ANG T-33A part 2

Caracal Models CD 48119: USAF T-33A

 Caracal Models CD 48123: USAF Early T-33A

Expert's Choice 48-060 on ADC T-33 Shooting Stars

Iliad Designs 48040: More Naval T-Birds

Leading Edge #05 for the 'Silver Shark' T-33

T-33 Sheets 48-14 and 48-15 from Leading Edge.

Leading Edge 48.19: 1/48 CT-133, Grey Scheme

Leading Edge 48-42 for the CT-133 Shooting Star

Leading Edge 48.84: CT-133 - CF-18 Scheme

Microscale 48-180 for Guatemalan and Nicaraguan T-33s.

Microscale 48-184 for Latin American T-33s

Caracal Models CD 32009: ANG T-33A

Leading Edge 32.26: 1/32 CT-133, Grey Scheme

Bestfong 72020: T-34C TurboMentor

Croco 1/72 T-34A/B/C Mentor/TurboMentor

Caracal Models CD 48082: T-34 Mentor

Caracal Models CD 48086: T-34 International

Microscale's 72-253 for the Cessna T-37

Caracal Models CD 48032: USAF T-38A Talon

Caracal Models CD 48057: USAF T-38 Part 2

Caracal Models CD 48051: International T-38s (NATO)

Caracal Models CD 48072: USAF T-38C

Fundekals 1/48 NASA T-38s

Furball Aero-Design 48-028: White Knights (T-38)

Iliad Designs 48039: T-38C Heritage Schemes

Superscale 48-904 for the T-38A

Superscale 48-905 for T-38s

Two Bobs 48-063 for the T-38A Talon

Two Bobs 48-064 for the T-38A Talon

DRAW decals 20s-737-100: T-43A

Caracal Models CD 72028: T-45 Goshawk

Caracal Models CD 48023: T-45C Part 1

Caracal Models CD 48024: T-45C Part 2

Caracal Models CD 48025: T-45C Part 3


Superscale 481267: T-45C Goshawk