Caracal Models CD 48082: T-34 Mentor

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Scott Van Aken

Thanks to the pending release of the Minicraft 1/48 T-34A/B, we now have a nice aftermarket sheet for this kit. Caracal Models has provided us with five options to cover this aircraft.

First up is an all yellow scheme that is not identified on the sheet, but 2S is the code for Basic Training Group 1 and 5.

Next is a VT-5 plane in the later white with international orange high visibility markings.

The first Air Force plane is in silver with da-glo orange patches.

An earlier plane in overall silver as originally delivered is the fourth options.

Finally, we have a plane from the civilian aerobatic team 'Lima Lima'.

The sheet is very nicely printed by Cartograf and you are provided with sufficient insignia to do at least three of the options. The black anti-glare panels and wing walks will need to come from either the kit decals (assuming they provide them) or will need to be painted. 

I know that there are quite a few folks who were pleased this sheet was released and that could mean an early sell-out so get yours soon.

July 2018

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