Iliad Designs 48039: T-38C Heritage Schemes

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Scott Van Aken

Something that has become fairly prevalent in the last few years with the USAF has been heritage schemes. At one time the USAF/USAAF had literally hundreds of squadrons in service. However, as equipment gets more expensive and more capable, most of these units have disappeared into the history books.

Unlike the USN, which will either completely disestablish a squadron or move its banner to another unit, the USAF will try its best to keep a unit's history alive, even if it means transferring it to a supply 'squadron'. This sheet covers five T-38Cs who have have kept the history of some units alive, albeit no longer in front line units.

First up is an OD over grey plane from the 50th FTS (Flight Training Squadron) commemorating the 50th Pursuit Squadron of 1941.

Next is a 90th FTS plane in dark green over grey commemorating the 90th Fighter Group which flew P-47s in the CBI during WWII.

Third up is a 469th FTS aircraft in an SEA camouflage scheme commemorating the F-4 Phantom II aircraft of the 469th TFS during Vietnam.

The Fourth is a 586th FTS based at Holloman AFB in a dark green over grey commemorating the B-26 Marauders of the 586th Bomb Group.

Finally a black over grey aircraft of the 49th FTS commemorating the P-38s of the 49th FS during WWII.

A few notes on colors. Only the 469th FTS plane is in accurate period colors. All the others are close but not quite. For instance the underside grey on these other four planes are not in neutral grey but ADC Grey. The FS numbers of these planes is provided so you can more accurately depict the planes as they are. Also note that two of these planes have what is known as a ballast box under the rudder. These planes were AT-38Bs before being upgraded to T-38C standard. These boxes were full of ballast to compensate for the wing pylons and while the ballast was removed, the boxes remain. Though no kit is recommended, the Wolfpack kit is considered the best out there for this aircraft and this box is included on the sprues of the T-38C and AT-38B boxings.

Instructions are excellent and there are some detail photos to help with the build of each plane. A great sheet of interesting schemes for the T-38C and one that I know will do well.

January 2022

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