Caracal Models CD 48098: USAF T-6G Texan

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Scott Van Aken

Another very nice sheet for the T-6, this time the post war T-6G. All of these have the later canopies and they have either the 'football' or later ADF antennas on the rear fuselage. All of these are overall yellow. It was not uncommon for a squadron to have one or two on had as hacks so that armchair pilots could get flight pay. No kit is specified, but both Ocidental and Monogram do the T-6 in this scale with the Ocidental one actually being a G model.

Four options are provided for you.

Two are standard Air Training command planes with little more than the ATC badge on the cowling as anything beside the usual. These differ only by buzz number and have the ADF football antenna. One is from Hondo AFB in 1954 and the other from Columbus AFB in 1955

The first of our hacks is from the 75th FIS based a Presque Isle in 1952. This has the later ADF antenna and nice blue markings on the fin and cowling.

The other is with the New Mexico ANG sometime in the 1950s. This one has the football style ADF antenna and smaller fuselage insignia.

The decals are well done by Microscale and you get enough common markings to do one of the four options. A nice addition to Caracal Models' line-up and a great reason to build one of these.

June 2017

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