Superscale 481267: T-45C Goshawk
Units: VT-22


$12.00 SRP


Scott Van Aken

This is Superscale's first 1/48 T-45C Goshawk sheet and they have chosen the display bird from VT-22 as their choice. This sheet is for the new Kinetic kit, which I have not yet seen on the shelves, but will be arriving soon if your shop does not already have it.

it is actually a very colorful plane. The base aircraft is white with the normal International Orange wing tips and nose. In this case, the fin is insignia blue for the upper portion and red for the lower. The stars on the upper fin are just the white portions so need to be concerned about matching a decal or precise placement of the demarcation line. The rest is gloss insignia red

The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf and includes not only all the required stencils, but also the nose anti-glare panel and canopy MDC lines. Full color instructions will help with markings placement.

April 2013

Review copy courtesy of Squadron Products. Get yours at your local shop.

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