LF Models C72176: T-33 Shooting Star over Libya

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Scott Van Aken

This sheet from LF Models is on a Libyan AF T-33. As most of you know, the T-33 has to be the most widely used jet trainer ever built with dozens of nations using it not only in the trainer role, but also as a light attack aircraft. Like their other sheets, the instructions tell me to cut out each individual marking and be careful not to scratch it. This tells me it is an ALPS printed sheet as those are somewhat fragile and scratch quite easily. It may also explain the rather high price for what is admittedly a pretty small decal sheet. However, the benefit of sheets like this is that you build the option you want and don't have to worry too much about a lot of left over markings.

This is for an overall metal aircraft and unlike the previous sheets I've previewed, this one is only for a single aircraft from the 1962 time frame, which was before Khadafy came to power. Unlike the previous sheets, this one includes a small mask sheet. It is very difficult to tell what it is for as the instructions are moot on its use. However after some careful inspection, it appears to be for the nose anti-glare panel and for the red fuselage turbine warning stripe. 

The nature of the sheet is that it will be useful on any 1/72 T-33 and that includes those from Platz, Sword, Hasegawa, and Heller. I should also point out that I ordered this sheet direct from LF. They did not protect it well, folding it on one side to fit into a regular letter envelope without any stiffening. As a result, the letter was badly mangled in the automatic sorting machines that the post office uses. I'd recommend obtaining this sheet from a different source than the manufacturer.

February 2019

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