Caracal Models CD 48086: T-34 International

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Scott Van Aken

For their second sheet on the Mentor, Caracal Models has concentrated on non-US operators.

One of the biggest was the Japanese and those have five of the seven options on this sheet. They also have some of the widest range of interesting options. All three Japanese military forces, the Air Force, Navy, and Army flew the aircraft that those are all covered.  Note that the tips on the third and fourth option are actually da-glow orange and not international orange.

Here is a full rundown:

T-34A Mentor 54-10303, Japanese Air Self Defense Force

T-34A Mentor 57-10418, Japanese Air Self Defense Force

T-34A Mentor "9004" , Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force

T-34A Mentor "JG-0508", Japanese Ground Self Defense Force

T-34A Mentor "JG-0505", Japanese Ground Self Defense Force

T-34A Mentor, Royal Canadian Air Force

T-34A Mentor, Turkish Air Force

Instructions are superbly done and provide upper and lower plan views so you can get the wing markings properly done. An interesting option not shown would be to do one of the first two Japanese planes with da-glo orange replacing the yellow. There are photos on the internet that show this having been done.

There are sufficient insignia, data markings and walkway markings for one aircraft from each nation. For photos that may help your build, you are directed to their web site. This set of markings is superbly printed by Microscale so you know you are getting the best.

July 2018

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