Eagle Strike  48-130: Texans over Korea

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Scott Van Aken

Many of you are aware that the AT-6 performed in combat during the Korean war as a spotter aircraft in addition to its usual job as a general-purpose hack. This sheet contains markings for five Korean war aircraft in various schemes. The suggested kits are the Revell/Monogram version as well as the Ocidental kit. I should point out that only one is a T-6G so be careful when choosing your markings.

First up is an AT-6D from the 6147 TC Group. It is in bare metal with a black/yellow checked cowling and black/yellow wing bands. It also has red wing tips and a multi-colored tail band. Below is a photo of a similar model done using an old Microscale sheet.

Next is an LT-6G with the 6148 TACS in 1952. Pretty boring other than the red tail marking and the name 'Moan 'n Lisa'. This aircraft does not appear to have the updated canopy with fewer braces, but does have the prop spinner.

An SNJ-5C is next with the Joint Operations Center. Note that the Navy plane has a different location for the fuselage insignia from USAF versions.

From the 6148 TACS is 'Peggy', an LT-6D. Red fin and wing tips. Gear doors and wheel hubs are in red and white.

Finally a camouflaged AT-6D from the 6147 TACS in 1950 named 'Patches'. It is in OD over Neutral Grey with red fin, stabilizer and wing tips. I'd guess that this one will be the most modeled version, especially for the bare-metal challenged!

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