Aeromaster 48-266 for Korean War T-33s

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Scott Van Aken

When one thinks of the Korean War and Allied aircraft, rarely dredged up is the T-33. Frankly, hacks are not only some of the more interesting craft, but also those that get very little press or photo coverage. Think of it. These planes didn't drop bombs or shoot down enemy planes. They were seen all the time and were as common as flies. As a result, they were rarely photographed by those who saw them day in and day out.

Aeromaster produced a sheet that covers two of these hacks. Both are in natural metal with the usual unit markings on the fins and tip tanks.

First is from the 7FBS/49FBW in 1953. It is resplendent in the unit's blue and white fin stripes with a similar motif on the tanks. The nose is also in blue, though the modeler will have to paint that on.

The other is from the 67th FBS/18th FBW. It has the red, white and blue fin stripe with the upper and lower sections of the tip tanks in red. Red also covers the lower nose, though that will have to be painted.

All of the Korean War T-33s were armed 'just in case', so you need to keep that in mind when building your kit. There are two kits available. One is the decidedly ancient Testors/Hawk kit and the other the much better Academy/Hobbycraft kit of much more recent vintage. If you can find the Hobbycraft kit, buy it and save yourself a number of dollars over the Academy kit which has exactly the same plastic!

Here is a note from Tony Hodun that you may want to read before choosing a kit. "..One has to get the right kit with the right fuel tanks to match the decal version, as the tip tank markings are designed for the correct type tank.  AMD does mention the KMC parts on the backside, but not too
clearly in the written summary next to each profile, as it took me a while to figure this out.  The 49 FBW T-bird has Misawa undertip tanks, available only in the Hobbycraft 1548 Korean War boxing, or one can also hunt down the OOP KMC resin set of Misawa tip tanks.  The 18 FBW bird has Fletcher tip tanks, only available in Academy 2185, Hobbycraft 1547 AT-33 COIN bird, and the original old HC boxing (1595, though this kit has no underwing stores).."

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