Caracal Models CD 72018: ANG T-33A

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Scott Van Aken

Once more, Caracal Models reduces their 1/48 sheets to help out the 1/72 modeler. This time it is their Air National Guard T-33s that are getting the treatment. Fortunately for us, there are several T-33s available to modelers. One is the vintage Hasegawa kit that has been around for an age but still builds into a nice T-33. Then there is the more detailed short run Sword kit that can be used. Most of us will use the even nicer Platz kit, though it is a bit pricier than the others. All of these planes are in overall ADC Grey (now marketed at Light Aircraft Grey) FS 16473.

There are eight unit options on this one starting with a 159 FIS Florida ANG plane from 1983. This plane has red/international orange wing tip tank outer surfaces.

Next is a 101 FIS, Massachusetts ANG plane from 1984.

Third option is from the 171 FIS, Michigan ANG in 1980 with its black and yellow checked rudder.

From the 146 FIS, Pennsylvania ANG in 1984 is this black tailed plane. Tip tanks are black as well.

The fifth unit is the 119 FIS, New Jersey ANG in the 1980s. This one also has the international orange tip tanks.

The 178 FIS, North Dakota ANG has two different options. One with their 'Happy Hooligans moto on the outside of thier red tip tanks from 1975 and a later version from 1983 when it moved to the tail band.

The Oregon ANG's 123 FIS is represented by a Shooting Star from 1984.

Finally a 111 FIS Texas ANG plane from 1986.

There are enough markings to do two aircraft, and that includes turbine warning stripes, wing walk areas and insignia as well as the usual USAF logos.

In all, it is an excellent sheet with the decals printed by Cartograf and a full color placement guide. It is one that 1/72 fans of the T-33 really should consider picking up

March 2014

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