Aeromaster 48-614: American Trojans pt II

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Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet covers four aircraft. Again, the only kit around in 1/48 is the very old Monogram version, complete with all its 'working' parts! Exhaust areas and anti-glare panels will need to be painted on. The 'hooked' T-28s will need you to modify the kit by cutting away the lower portion of the fuselage and rudder as well as locating an appropriately long tail hook. However, it should be relatively easy to do this mod.

First is a T-28C from VT-27 in the standard USN trainer colors of White and Red (or international orange; check reference photos).

Next is another T-28C from the initial batch when trainers were painted overall yellow. The unit is unknown. All trainer colors are gloss.

An air force T-28D is next up for the Air Commandos. It is in standard SEA colors and should be carrying ordnance. If so, the ordnance and pylons should be white. If using the Monogram T-28D kit, I'd do some research on the pylons as the ones with the kit are really huge!

Finally, a T-28B as used by the US Navy Test Pilot's School in standard Navy trainer colors, though the front section is painted a bit differently from the norm. I should mention that it is not at all unusual for these planes to be a bit grungy as recips tend to spew out all sorts of soot and oil!

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