Caracal Models CD 32019: T-28B/D Trojan

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Scott Van Aken

This new Caracal Models decal sheet is for the big Kitty Hawk 1/32 T-28B/D Trojan. While the Kitty Hawk kit does come with a large and a colorful decal sheet, every option is a war bird and not of an operational aircraft. This is due to Kitty Hawk being particularly sensitive to copyright laws in the US. Apparently, it is OK to do war birds without paying fees, but apparently not when doing historical aircraft. I don't understand it either, but apparently it is a real issue.

Anyway, this sheet has six very colorful options:

First is the bicentennial T-28B based at NAF Washington in 1976. Note that the forward part of the fin is red. The rear part of the fin decal is a VERY dark blue. Photos of a similarly painted TS-2A show this blue to be a lighter shade.

Second, an all white plane from NAS El Centro. This T-28B was used by the section working on parachutes.

A standard VT-27 T-28B is the third option. The instructions show the red markings as fluorescent, but I am pretty sure they should be international orange as that was the standard shade for trainers at the time.

Fourth is the very colorful Drone Controller DT-28B from the Naval Air Missile Command at Pt. Mugu.

The first of two USAF planes is this SEA Camouflaged T-28D from the 4407 Crew Training Squadron.

Finally an overall ADC Grey T-28D. No unit info is provided but it does have a training command badge on the fin.

The instruction booklet includes a complete decal placement guide and the various trim stripes are also included. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Cartograf. Note that the third small sheet is not shown in its entirety, but just as a sliver peeking over the top. This contains the USAF and US Air Force logos.

March 2017

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