Aeromaster 48-613: American Trojans pt I

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Scott Van Aken

You know, it has been a very long time since anyone did a T-28 sheet. The somewhat recent issue of a resin cockpit set by Black Box may well have spurred an interest in this aircraft. Just a few years back, Monogram reissued the T-28D and I hear that the reissue of the T-28A has the later engine instead of the smaller one initially released with this kit. Anyway, finding the Monogram kit is not that difficult at all.

First up is a T-28C from VT-5 aboard the USS Lexington. Some modification to the rear fuselage will be needed to do the 'hooked' version. Colors are white and Deep Red (or international orange). I recommend looking at photos to get the color just right.

Next is the very colorful ATU-800 aircraft in overall yellow. This T-28B is shown with red bands around the wings and fuselage. Many will raise their eyebrows at the choice of red as for decades green has been the color of choice for these bands and were I to use this scheme, I'd also use green. The bands on this and the next aircraft need to be painted on by the builder.

Finally, a very fetching utility T-28B from an unknown unit. This very colorful Engine Grey, Yellow and Red scheme is most colorful. You'll also note that this one has  the canopy tinted in green in portions of it to keep down the heat in the cockpit. As with all the other schemes, the black exhaust area will need to be painted on.

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