AOA Decals 48-007: Trainers No More - Trojans at War

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Scott Van Aken

AOA Decals stays with the Vietnam War in this particular sheet, and specifically with one of the often overlooked types, the T-28 Trojan. Though this aircraft was originally designed as a trainer, and was still active in that regard during the time, it made for a very good light attack and recon aircraft if suitably modified. In addition, it was a great advanced trainer. As such, it saw quite a bit of use in Southeast Asia among the US-friendly air arms of the time.

This particular sheet covers the six major users of the type, with each nation having several markings options and in some cases several aircraft versions. There were differences between the variants that the modeler needs to keep in mind when building his model. The instructions provide this sort of info, so it is best to fully read them prior to starting the projects.

Included in the sheet are the following:

United States - 2 schemes (T-28D-5)
South Vietnam
 - 5 schemes (T-28B & T-28C)
Laos - 5 schemes (T-28B, T-28C, T-28D, & T-28D-5)
Thailand - 3 schemes (T-28D & T-28D-5)
 - 1 scheme (T-28D)
Khmer Republic
 - 2 schemes (T-28B & T-28D)

The sheet includes wing walk areas as well as two different styles of stencils. The instructions contain a full stencil placement guide, but I'd be willing to bet that not all the options used them all. There are also wing  walk stripes in two widths which you can use.

Instructions are superbly done and provide a plethora of information on each option. The decals are printed by Microscale. For kits, the sheet is designed for the Roden line of Trojans in 1/48 I am sure that if you have the old Monogram kit, these will work on that kit as well, though it may not depict all of the correct features of the variant that is boxed. Older kits often were not as precise on details, which is why the Roden kit is recommended.

Overall a great sheet and a must have for anyone interested in modeling the subject.

July 2016


Thanks to AOA Decals for the review sheet. You can find this sheet at this link, where you can also see profiles of each markings option.

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