Starfighter Decals 4811: PT-17 Kaydet


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During WWII there was a primary trainer that served both the US Navy and the USAAC/F. That was the Stearman Kaydet (later Boeing). The aircraft was built in the tens of thousands and every American pilot and many in other nations learned how to fly on this aircraft. These planes were built in several variations, the differences being the engines with which they were fitted, the rest of the airframe being pretty much identical.

In terms of kits in this scale, there have been two of which I am aware. The first one is from the late 1960s and was designed by Lindberg. While not a bad kit, it had a pretty lame interior. Last year, Revell produced a truly superb kit that could be built as either a PT-17 or an N2S-3 as they both used the same engine. It is this later kit for which this set is designed, though if you paint on the various bands, you could easily use this on the Lindberg kit if you have one in your stash.

This sheet provides markings for USAAC/F aircraft. Starfighter has produced a neat concept sheet that includes all of the possible markings that were carried by the variety of Kaydets operated by the service from 1940 until 1946. Unlike the Navy, the Army went through a number of color schemes including blue fuselage with yellow wings, overall yellow, overall aluminum lacquer and combinations of those. For instance, at one time there were aluminum planes with yellow upper upper and lower lower wings. Apparently the yellow dope deteriorated rather quickly so the move to aluminum dope. I also found it interesting that the US ARMY under the wings stayed there until December of 1943.

As in the Navy sheet, there are insignia that cover the time period, and this includes the rudder stripes used until mid 1942. There are numbers in black, yellow and white along with the orange fuselage band used later in the war. Wing walk areas with aluminum surround are provided as are prop blade markings. The instruction sheet is in full color and provides several suggested schemes, though you can pretty well build any Army Stearman for which you have a photograph.

A superb sheet that is perfect for the Revell kit.

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August 2015

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