Leading Edge 4884: CT-133 - CF-18 Scheme

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Scott Van Aken

Note: Also available in 1/72

A military that made great use of the T-33 Shooting Star and built them locally at Canadair was the Canadian Air Force. They were one of the longest operators as well being one the last users of this jet, mostly in the aggressor and spoof role. In its final years, many were painted in the same two tone grey scheme as used by the CF-18, FS 35257 on the upper surfaces and FS 36375 on the underside.

A number of these aircraft were also fitted with a small radar on the very nose of the plane. These can be duplicated by the modeler using epoxy putty or shaped sections of plastic.

This particular sheet by Leading Edge pretty much covers all of the units that flew the CT-133 in this scheme and there are eight different markings options.

To provide a bit of a list, I will start with those that carried the radomes. VU-32, 414 Sq, and VU-33 are included in this listing. Those without the radome are 414 Sq (with later lv insignia), 434 Sq (this plane has the blue fin stripe and can also be modeled as the 50th anniversary of the T-33 aircraft), 439 Sq, 417 Sq, and another 417 Sq plane with the low viz unit badge on the fin.

The sheet provides all of the decal and data markings you will need, including optional flap markings and additional markings for building the Academy/Hobbycraft kit with the flaps lowered. Another kit option would be the venerable Testors/Hawk version. It also includes leading edge tapes and wing walkway decals. Upper intake louvers and the additional exhaust on the rear fuselage that is peculiar to the Canadair's more powerful engine are also included as decals. Two views of the nose radome are supplied so that you can make your own should you choose that option.

This is yet another superlative sheet from our friends at Leading Edge decals. Their attention to detail ensures that you will have the highest quality markings set available.

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support.

August 2012

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