Caracal Models CD 48123: USAF Early T-33A

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Scott Van Aken


This is a nice choice for a sheet from Caracal Models and it is designed for the GWH T-33. This may fit the ancient Hawk or somewhat newer Hobbycraft kit, but be prepared to adjust the markings if they are not a perfect fit. These are not for the really early planes such as those which served in Korea as the majority of those used F-80 style wing tip tanks. Those assigned to regular units were often just hacks used to allow desk pilots the opportunity to keep receiving flight pay.

These are all in unpainted metal with olive drab nose anti glare panels. The inside half of the tip tanks are in matte black.

The options on this sheet are:

77 FBS based at RAF Wethersfield in 1954.

A nice one from the Air Training Command based at Tyndall AFB, also in 1954.

From 1955 we have one with the 9th FBS.

Finally one with the 514th FIS based at RAF Manston in 1955. This aircraft has a black canopy frame

 The markings are printed by Cartograf with enough insignia and data markings to do one aircraft, though you can always use kit markings if you wish to do more than one from the sheet.

The sheet should be well received and will add something a bit different to your next T-33 build.

March 2017

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