Caracal Models CD 48081: T-6 Texan II

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Scott Van Aken

While the Ibex kit is not new, this sheet provides markings for some of the more recent operators of the T-6. Caracal has provided markings for four aircraft. All the planes have an unpainted metal spinner and the leading edges of all the flight surfaces are also unpainted.

The first two options are both in overall dark sea blue. The first is a New Zealand Air Force plane from 2014. This is probably the first new fixed wing plane operated by the service in quite a while.

Next, from the RCAF is a CT-156 'Harvard II' from 2012. Like the rest of Canada's training aircraft, this plane is operated under contract to Bombardier.

From 2014 is one of the first new non-helicopter planes to be in the Mexican Air Force in many, many years. Their T-6C is in two greys of FS 36495 and 36320. The fin on their planes is international orange.

Finally, the latest color scheme for USAF planes. This one is from Columbus AFB in 2013. The fuselage and most of the upper surface of the wing is in FS 36495 light grey. The underside of the aircraft as well as wing bands and the upper surface of the stabilizer is insignia blue. This scheme will require a bit of masking. The decal sheet provides another set of tail codes and '14OG' markings, though these are not shown in the instructions.

The decals are printed by Microscale and offer a single set of wing walks, insignia for all, and enough data markings for most of them. Full color instructions are provided with additional information on each option. If you have this kit and have not decided on markings, here are four good options

July 2015

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