Iliad Designs 48040: More Naval T-Birds

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Scott Van Aken

Always nice to see another T-33 sheet with this one concentrating on naval aircraft. No T-33/TV-2 had a tail hook as they were not used for carrier training. Instead these were operated from land bases in a variety of secondary roles. This sheet does not specify a particular kit as none of the markings are such that they don't have to be 'sized'. The two most probaby used would be the GWH and the Academy/Hobbycraft versions. All of these appear to be the 'early' versions as the pitot is under the nose and not on the upper fuselage near the windscreen. None have the NACA ducts associated with later planes though the Canadian option does have a small vent on the gun access doors that will need to be added.

First up is a plane from USMC HQ in Washington DC. This plane is in overall light gull grey (FS 16440) with a black anti-glare panel on the nose. In fact, all options have this feature.

Next is a very colorful RCN plane in unpainted metal with large da-glo areas as attached to VU-32 in 1961.

Third option is a USMC plane from MAS-32 (later H&MS-32). Note that like one other option on this sheet, this plane has a light grey fin tip with a black leading edge.

Finally a VX-4 plane in overall light gull grey. All the painted airplanes on this sheet have unpainted leading edges to the flight surfaces and intake lip, so this will require some careful masking to duplicate. All options also have the inside of the tip tanks painted flat black along with wing walk areas.

Instructions are excellent and there are some detail photos to help with the build of each plane. A great sheet for the T-Bird fan and one that I know will do well.

January 2022

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