Bestfong 72020: T-34C TurboMentor

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Scott Van Aken

I recently reviewed some 1/72 T-34C kits which included only one set of decal options. I'm always looking for something different for my models and the only set I could find in this scale was this one by Bestfong decals for ROCAF aircraft. The three small strips hardly seems to be worth the price of admission, but it is different and I've not heard anything negative about these decals. I do wonder just how well the white markings will hold up against a red background as all the options are for the red/white trainer scheme.

You are provided with enough white serial numbers and aircraft numbers to do any one of the 45 planes that were ordered by Taiwan. This will give the modeler an extra pair of insignia and additional rudder stripes. The decals themselves are in register and have probably a bit more clear on them than most people are used to. I'll find out when I build the kit how well these work out.

 March 2018

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