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Also available in 1/72

Probably the most widely used jet trainer in the world is the T-33. This plane has been around for 50 years and is still in service with a few air forces. Those that have been retired from duty have been grabbed by warbird enthusiasts and continue to fly. Its ease of maintenance and pleasant flying characteristics have made it a favorite.

Like the T-6 before it, the T-33 was used by just about every Latin American air force at one time or another. While many came from ex-USAF stocks, some came from Canada or France.

Aztecs sheet is the second of two sheets on this plane. An early sheet it differs from later ones by having a basically black and white instruction sheet. Actually, booklet would be closer to the truth as it is chock full of information not only on the decals, but also on the planes themselves. The listing on Mexican T-33s gives colors and serials for what seems to be every T-33 used by the air force. Some of it is in Spanish, but easy to figure out. The instruction sheet also gives detailed data and decal placement information as well as colors used.

In addition to the large number of Mexican T-33s shown, there are ones from Bolivia (these are ex-Canadair T-33s from France), Brazil and the United States. For the US one, you'll have to get common insignia from another source.

The decals are superbly printed. The colors are brilliant, registration is spot on and they are crisp enough to read the smallest lettering. I deliberately fuzz out the sheet to prevent unauthorized copying.  For 1/72 fans, the sheet is also available in that scale.

If you like the T-33 as many of us do, this is a great sheet and one you should seek out. If unavailable locally, you can order it direct from the hyperlink below.

Review sheet courtesy of Aztec. Visit their website for more information on other sheets.

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